+1 Improvement: Some of the valuable Life Lessons that I've learned from Squid Game

[A Wisdom - Things I’ve Learned This Week - A Rational Thought]

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I hope you are doing well. Now here are the 3 things to consider this week that I’ve learned and I want to share them with you.

Before I go further, I am exploring meaningful insights from Scientists, Philosophers, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Polymaths, and Extraordinary Thinkers.

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If you find it too long to read, just save it for later.

f you find it too long to read, just save it for later.


🦉 Wisdom

I watched the Squid Game this week. No doubt it was worth the time, the series is full of mystery and suspense, more than that I learned some of the valuable life lessons from it, and I want to share some of them. If you haven’t watched it yet, no worries it’s spoiler-free.

Some of the valuable Life Lessons I learned from Squid Games

  • Nothing is free in this world, Either you have to trade your time or your life.

  • When you are kind to everyone, the Universe will be kind to you.

  • Never judge a book by its cover, you may never know what Story the book may unfold.

  • The brain is always worth more than brawns

  • What goes around from you truly comes around you. So becomes conscious of which path you’re taking.

  • If someone seems nicer to you that doesn’t mean they are a valuable person in your life. Be careful of who you trust.

  • Don’t shut the door for everyone. There will always be someone who can resonate with your struggle.

  • Always fulfill the promises you made.

  • Don’t lose hope for humanity

  • Everything becomes boring after a point

These were the lessons I learned personally. I know there are more than that, what are the lessons I missed here?

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📚 Things I’ve Learned This Week

🧠 A Rational Thought

Youtube recommended me this video. The Principle: Everything is easier when it’s done in right way. There is always a technique to do a task, no matter how hard the task is, when done using a perfect technique it becomes easier. You can implement this in every task.

What are your thoughts on these?

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